Seniors are making strides



A few years ago grandparents would reluctantly agree to try Facebook because that was what the grandkids wanted them to do, nowadays it's all changed, the same grandparents want to know all about the latest tablet and smart phone technology and they are taking more more classes to learn all about more advanced technology. If you ask most teachers at specialized computer learning centers they will probably tell you that 10 years ago they maybe had one senior in the class but today you're the half the class are retired from the workforce. Most of these students are way past the computer basics classes they took 10 years ago, the biggest problem the education institutes have is that they have not progressed with these people, they still offer that same computer basics class and not much more for this age group.

The biggest problem for the educational institutions is that this group of people are pretty determined and they have serious spending power so if the local learning Center doesn't provide them with what they want they tend to go out and organize their own classes usually in a facility that they attend regularly anyway, like a senior citizen center, and then they get taught what they want to learn. This group, that were virtually tech illiterates 10 years ago are now mostly highly advanced, all considered to be highly advanced by most teachers. Currently most of the seniors in the United States are taking either beginner or advanced classes in Windows 10. What they seem to want to learn is whether they should upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10.
Unlike a few years ago when these people didn't know what was going on they now know their own computer backwards and before they do upgrade they want to know exactly what the benefits and what the downsides are and then they will make what is a very well informed decision, not before. This group is also believed to be the biggest uptaker of the software designed to prevent Microsoft from automatically upgrading their current operating system to the new Windows 10.
They are also very tech savvy when it comes to smartphones with most of them having a very modern and fully updated iPhone or Samsung galaxy, they are extremely tech savvy at using these devices, in most cases more than the teenagers these phones were designed for. There is a reported case of an 82-year-old woman who went into a phone store in Philadelphia and was advised by the assistant to buy a certain phone, she stunned the assistant by saying that phones camera has a too slow shutter speed for what I want, from the report the assistant understood what she was saying but had no idea themselves what the actual shutter speed of the phones camera was. It probably did achieve one thing, no one in that shop will ever treat a senior with contempt again, plus of course she had a wad of cash to buy any phone she wanted which is always a help.


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