Smartphones are boring, so what happens now




Probably the smart phone that's available right now that is a glimpse into the future is the LG G6 , this phone has a number of new tricks:

  • The LG G6 packs a 5.7" display in an attractive sleek phone that comfortably fits in one hand. Unlike other phones with a similar screen size, the large 5.7” display fits in your hand, giving you a big screen experience without the inconvenience of a big phone.
  • The LG G6 is sculpted from aluminum and glass and is available in platinum and black. The 18:9 FullVision display with rounded corners and narrow bezels conclude the harmonious design.
  • The LG G6's FullVision display puts more screen in your phone for all your browsing, viewing, and gaming needs.
  • The LG G6 lets you capture life's most memorable moments like never before. Enhancements in image quality and performance make taking expansive panoramas, group shots and selfies easier than ever.
    Wide Angle Front Camera
  • The LG G6 makes taking great selfies effortless with an enhanced front camera that automatically snaps a picture when a face is in frame—no buttons required.
  • Capture life's breathtaking views with Dual 13MP rear cameras. The 125° wide-angle lens allows you to capture photos and videos with a wider perspective - for more friends or more inclusive scenic shots.
  • Take the LG G6 with you just about anywhere. With an IP68 rating, it's sealed against dust and water resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.
  • The LG G6 has the Google Assistant built in
These days it seems there is almost a new phone launch every few weeks and to be ruthless most of them are about as exciting as watching your toenails grow. The manufacturers always say this new phone has vast improvements but nearly always you get a slightly better camera and maybe a slightly brighter screen and if you're really lucky it comes in a color you have never heard of. No one wants to sound ungrateful and we all know that smart phones over the last decade or so have become incredibly powerful and very accessible, and that is a serious technological feat, but the reality is they have become almost as predictable as a fast and furious movie.
What LG's G10 is, it is more prototype then finished product, is a blueprint for the future of smart phones. Most of the future improvements in smart phones will come from the software but there are some hardware features over on the horizon that will push the phones even further. The first innovation is going to be modular design, this will mean that you can mix and match your parts as you need them, you break your screen, slide it out and slide the new one in. You want a better camera, pull the old one out and put a new one in, that is modular design in action. The bottom half of the G10 is a module, it can be detached and replaced with other modules but nearly all the reviews say most of these modules are just gimmicks at this stage, except one, they have a $70 camera grip with the zoom control included plus an extra battery, this module really works well.
Google seems about to take the module designed smart phone to a whole new era, Google has a thing called project Ara, this whole project is about designing a modular smart phone that Google was hoping would completely change the smart phone market. The project has hit many snags but Google still funds it and the first prototypes are due for testing before the end of this year. Most of the smart phone designers are now looking at dual camera smart phones, Apple has one in the works, LG of course has one, Samsung has one but the best one is reputedly the Huawei S10 which reputedly has lenses that work in tandem for improved quality and some cool tricks. Apple has also recently purchased a start up company that was designing software to allow multiple lens photography using the smart phone.
Google will have the last word probably because they have another project called Project Tango which will allow you to take a 3-D photograph, including a 3-D selfie.
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