Arlo home security solutions

Security may not be at the top of your mind. But leaving your home unattended for days or weeks on end makes it an easy target for burglars. Worry not! Arlo's industry-leading portfolio of smart home security solutions will help keep an eye on your home, allowing you to enjoy your vacation with utmost peace of mind.

Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest while keeping an eye on what goes on in your house with Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera. It records 1080p HD video with a 130-degree diagonal field-of-view by connecting directly to the Wi-Fi, and allows for two-way communication with its full-duplex audio feature. Even in the dark, the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera captures video with Night Vision that turns on automatically, giving you visuals of all rooms in your house 24/7. If anyone enters your abode, you will receive a phone alert immediately with the camera's motion and audio detection function. This multi-functional camera even allows you to activate the privacy shield on the camera to cover the lens whenever you want.

Arlo Pro 4 Wireless Security Camera

For advanced outdoor and indoor surveillance, the Arlo Pro 4 Wireless Security Camera is the perfect option. Featuring cutting-edge capabilities such as 2K HDR video quality, a 160-degree field of view, and two-way audio, this versatile security camera will give you absolute peace of mind while you are on vacation. Movements might be harder to pick up in the dark, but the camera's unique integrated spotlight with colour Night Vision gives you crystal clear visuals even at night. The built-in smart siren will alert you to intruders and allow you to fend them off easily. The Pro 4 is simple to set up – with direct connection to Wi-Fi, you can set it up as a standalone security solution or a complimentary camera to an existing Arlo ecosystem.

About Arlo Technologies, Inc.

Arlo is the award-winning, industry leader that is transforming the way people experience the connected lifestyle. Arlo's deep expertise in product design, wireless connectivity, cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge AI capabilities focuses on delivering a seamless, smart home experience for Arlo users that is easy to setup and interact with every day. The company's cloud-based platform provides users with visibility, insight and a powerful means to help protect and connect in real-time with the people and things that matter most, from any location with a Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. To date, Arlo has launched several categories of award-winning smart connected devices, including wire-free smart Wi-Fi and 4G LTE-enabled security cameras, audio and video doorbells, and floodlight.

With a mission to bring users peace of mind, Arlo is as passionate about protecting user privacy as it is about safeguarding homes and families. Arlo is committed to supporting industry standards for data protection designed to keep users' personal information private and in their control. Arlo doesn't monetize personal data, provides enhanced controls for user data, supports privacy legislation, keeps user data safely secure, and puts security at the forefront of company culture.

Best Electric Bike Company 2023

Welcome to your ultimate guide to choosing the best electric bike company 2023 for your needs. Here, we'll delve into a comprehensive analysis of some of the top electric bike companies in the market, each offering an array of cutting-edge designs, efficient models, and unique features tailored to a broad spectrum of riders.

From WoomBikes USA's specialized bikes for young riders to the sleek and powerful offerings from Addmotor Electric Bicycles, we've got you covered. If you're looking for versatile bikes designed for both the city streets and rugged trails, companies like Xtracycle Electric Bicycles, Electric Bike Company, and Vvolt Electric Bikes could catch your attention.

Perhaps you're drawn to the unique Scandinavian designs of Blix Bike, or the impressive range of Aventon Bikes. Maybe it's the classic charm of Flyer by Radio Flyer or the utilitarian craftsmanship of Priority Bicycles that calls your name. Trek Bicycles, with their long-standing reputation for quality, and REI's comprehensive selection could also be in your radar.

And let's not forget TurboAnt, a retailer known for its exceptional e-scooters as well as electric bikes.

In this review, we take a closer look at each of these companies and their offerings, assessing the strengths, specifications, and value that each brings to the electric bike market. So whether you're a seasoned e-biker or a newcomer to the field, stay with us as we embark on this journey through the world of electric bikes. Your perfect ride might just be a few scrolls away!

REI Electric Bikes Review - Best Electric Bike Company 2023

REI Co-op, or Recreational Equipment, Inc., is a well-known American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation. Founded in 1938 by Lloyd and Mary Anderson in Seattle, Washington, REI is organized as a consumers' cooperative and has been selling sporting goods, camping gear, travel equipment, and clothing for many years.

Over time, REI has expanded its offerings to include bicycles and, more recently, electric bikes (e-bikes). REI Bikes carries a variety of brands of e-bikes, making it a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to compare different brands and models. REI produces its own brand of e-bikes with high end components at a discounted price. You can also find REI Road Bikes, REI Hybrid Bikes, REI Electric Bikes, REI Mountain Bikes and REi Kids Bikes.

When shopping for an e-bike at REI, a consumer benefits from the breadth of choice and the expertise of the REI staff. The company is known for its high-quality product offerings and knowledgeable staff, who can provide guidance and advice on choosing the right e-bike.

Furthermore, REI members benefit from a share in the company's profits through an annual dividend, which can be an attractive perk. The co-op also has a strong reputation for standing behind the products they sell with a solid return and warranty policies.

E-bikes offered at REI range from urban commuting bikes to mountain e-bikes, suitable for off-road trails. Each type of e-bike caters to different needs, whether it's for daily commuting, tackling steep hills, off-road adventures, or just leisurely rides around the neighborhood.

It's also worth noting that REI places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship. So, buying an e-bike from REI means you're supporting a company that invests in reducing its environmental impact and promotes outdoor recreational activities.

While REI offers a range of e-bikes, as a potential buyer, it's important to consider your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Try to test ride various e-bike models, if possible, and ask for advice from the REI experts to help guide your decision-making process.

Specific brands of e-bikes carried by REI included Ghost, Cannondale, Co-op Cycles, and Salsa, among others.

TORRAS launches innovative new wearable air conditioner

COOLIFY has revolutionized portable cooling devices with the introduction of COOLIFY 3, the latest innovation in wearable air conditioners. Designed to provide a cool and comfortable experience, even in scorching temperatures, COOLIFY 3 incorporates cutting-edge technologies and over 25 new patents, showcasing our unwavering commitment to innovation and attention to detail.

Scientific research has shown that traditional cooling methods are insufficient in meeting the cooling needs of the human body when the environmental temperature exceeds 33℃. COOLIFY 3 addresses this issue with its advanced features and superior cooling capabilities.

Featuring three patented semiconductors and an expansive cooling area of 14388 mm², COOLIFY 3 ensures thorough cooling coverage of the entire neck region. By doubling the number of motors, the device delivers a significant increase in wind speeds, further enhancing the cooling effect. Additionally, the innovative design incorporates seven airflow channels, allowing for simultaneous cooling of the neck, face, and back. In just one second, COOLIFY 3 can provide whole-body cooling, keeping users refreshed and comfortable.

One of the standout features of COOLIFY 3 is the "Cool Angle" technology, which focuses on effective cooling by targeting specific areas of the body. Extensive research and interviews on human body cooling revealed that the back is one of the regions where people sweat the most and can perceive temperature changes. To address this, COOLIFY 3 includes a cool-conductive plate and two air outlets on the back, enabling cool air to be blown from both the front and rear simultaneously. This unique cooling configuration offers an unparalleled cooling experience.

The combined area of the three large cooling conduction plates in COOLIFY 3 is a remarkable 14388 mm², surpassing the previous generation by 79% and setting new industry standards.

Equipped with four high-speed fans and seven compressed air channels, COOLIFY 3 ensures a comprehensive cooling experience, targeting the face, neck, and back simultaneously. We take immense pride in introducing COOLIFY 3, a groundbreaking innovation that has ushered in a new era of whole-body cooling.

Additionally, COOLIFY 3 is equipped with 18W fast charging technology, enabling it to reach 80% charge within a mere hour. This remarkable reduction in charging time ensures that users can quickly recharge their device and continue enjoying the refreshing coolness.

Moreover, COOLIFY 3 is designed with a keen focus on user comfort and convenience. We have taken into account the subtle nuances of humanization, making thoughtful adjustments to the positions and directions of the air outlets. By avoiding direct airflow towards the ears, we have enhanced the overall comfort of using COOLIFY 3, ensuring a more enjoyable cooling experience.

In addition, COOLIFY 3 embodies a deep sense of emotional care for outdoor workers who brave high temperatures. We understand the challenges they face and have taken their needs into consideration during the development of this innovative device.

By providing a portable and efficient cooling solution, COOLIFY 3 aims to alleviate the discomfort and potential health risks associated with working in extreme heat. We believe that every individual deserves a safe and comfortable environment, especially those who work tirelessly under challenging conditions.

With COOLIFY 3, outdoor workers can experience a newfound sense of relief and well-being, knowing that they have a reliable companion to help them stay cool and focused on their tasks. We are proud to offer this practical and empathetic solution, providing both physical and emotional support to those who need it most.

Price and Availability

COOLIFY3 is now on the Amazon Store and Check them out now!


Founded in 2012, TORRAS is an innovative brand with a design philosophy of "Simple but Unique". They now have an R&D laboratory that spans over 2,000 square meters, and has obtained more than 1,100 patents thus far, with 36 of its products winning prestigious international design awards including the German Red Dot Award.

TECNO Launches CAMON 20 Series

TECNO, an innovative technology brand with operations in over 70 global markets, today launched its new CAMON 20 Series, bringing spectacular portrait video and night portrait photography experience with the industry first CAMON PUZZLE deconstructionist design to its forward-looking users. TECNO CAMON 20 Premier 5G's 5000 Times/s Sensor-Shift OIS Anti-shaking Technology and 50MP RGBW Ultra-Sensitive sensor enable the device be capable to provide SLR camera level anti-shake video and crystal-clear night portrait quality. Its 108MP Ultra Definition camera delivers breath-taking wide-angle shots for both photography and video shooting. Meanwhile, inspired by the deconstructionist genre of postmodern architecture, the series fuses the magic skin with ceramic materials and create the unique CAMON PUZZLE design. TECNO CAMON 20 Series including CAMON 20 Premier 5G, CAMON 20 Pro 5G ,CAMON 20 Pro and CAMON 20 are expected to be broadly available in early May.

"TECNO CAMON 20 brings together innovative technologies and modern stylish design in one striking, high-performance series," said Jack Guo, General Manager of TECNO, " Many moments in life are meant to be captured. TECNO CAMON 20's advanced portrait and video technologies let users record those emotional motion moments in sharper detail, while its striking aesthetic design and powerful performance complete an all-round exceptional user experience."

5000 Times/s Sensor-Shift OIS Anti-shaking Technology for Portrait Video

In the pursuit of steady portrait video, TECNO has incorporated SLR camera in-body image stabilization into the CAMON 20 Premier 5G. The devices with 5,000 Times/s Sensor-Shift OIS Anti-Shaking Technology can compensate for shakes up to 5,000 times per second. As a result, images and video are crisp and vivid, even when taken while moving at speed. The technology is the most cutting-edge anti-shake solution in the industry, aiming to popularize the SLR camera anti-shake innovations on smartphone. Unlike traditional anti-shake solution that compromises image quality, it preserves every single ray of light without cropping the image. Even in low light, up to 93% of the footage shot can still be achieved. Meet the best anti-shake solution for portrait video shooting so far that captures all the emotions in motion!

50MP RGBW Ultra-Sensitive Sensor for Night Portrait

TECNO's innovative technology of RGBW has brought very brilliant night portraits on its products. By replacing the "green" array solution in the traditional RGGB color filter with a "white" one, the RGBW sensor allows more light to be captured. While 1G+6P lens increase the light intake by replacing one of the plastic lens by a glass one in the process when light reaching the main sensor. The main sensor on TECNO CAMON 20 Premier 5G is also increased from 1/1.73 to 1/1.56(the single pixel size from 0.8μm to 1.0μm, with 56.25% larger light-sensitive area to ensure images are as close to real-life scenes as possible. With greater light transmission, TECNO CAMON 20 Premier 5G lets users capture the crystal-clear night portrait in stunning definition, never losing a detail in the dark.

Groundbreaking Innovation with CAMON PUZZLE Deconstructionist Design

Inspired by the deconstructionist genre of postmodern architecture, TECNO fuses the aesthetic concepts of international fashion brands and pioneering designers and create the unique CAMON PUZZLE design. TECNO tries for the first time to engrave with 20 irregular ribs in a luxury lychee pattern Magic Skin while sapphire-grade nanocrystalline ceramic is integrated into the device's back cover construction. The combination of advanced materials and bold design challenge traditional smartphone design language and lets CAMON 20 users make a stylish statement.

The fusion of the magic skin with ceramic materials realized by TECNO's designers creates incredible comfort with a natural tactile texture that doesn't attract fingerprints. With a unique appearance and high-quality materials, CAMON 20 Series brings industry design standards into a new era. As a result, the design wins prestigious MUSE Design Award 2023 as a gold winner and highlights TECNO's position as a pioneer of smartphone design.

TECNO is an innovative technology brand with operations in over 70 countries and regions across five continents. Since its launch, TECNO has been revolutionizing the digital experience in emerging global markets, relentlessly pushing for the perfect integration of contemporary, aesthetic design with the latest technologies. Today, TECNO has developed into a recognized leader in its target markets, delivering state-of-the-art innovation through a wide range of smartphones, smart wearables, laptops and tablets, HiOS operating systems and smart home products. Guided by its brand essence of "Stop At Nothing", TECNO is committed to unlocking the best and newest technologies for forward-looking individuals. By creating stylish, intelligent products, TECNO inspires consumers worldwide to never stop pursuing their best selves and their best futures.